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5G Technology News

Exploring What Matters

A news company basing their business around technology and it’s health risks.  Also informing it’s audience with updates on all the new tech coming out using 5G.  The pros and cons to how the radiation will effect our bodies.  We found this to be a great avenue to bring the right environment when creating the website and brand.  Starting from scratch we knew we had to simplify the channel.  We went through colors, fonts, images and more to get the right feel for 5G Tech News.

They travel the world interviewing businesses in related fields of technology sharing stories and asking questions about the concerns of 5G.  For parents all around and young teens, how will it effect us when there are towers at every block, the amount of radiation that will take over our lives.  We felt they needed to stand out, so we developed a strong logo that will make a stamp in the news industry for all you techs out there, watch out for 5G Technology News coming to a city near you.


Art Direction, Web Design, Branding