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Wedding Photographer

James Minns

About the Project

We created a complete rebrand for James Minns with his photography business.  His new brand keeps him up to date with competitors with a fully functional mobile friendly website.  Designing wine bottles, a new logo, magazines and a user friendly interface helps him get found, and stay on top.

Branding, Identity, Web Design, UX / UI

The Brief

A complete rebranding

We started from scratch and now were here.
The challenge was not to make it look beautiful, it was to make it last.

Being a photographer you must be able to present imagery in the best fashion.  Clients will believe in your brand if they are given the reason to.  It will not only be the deciding factor for your clients, but it will tell them everything they need to know about your vision.  The best way to go about this is to trust the process, and ours is with our amazing team.

Fine crafting an image is crucial to any brand looking to take the extra mile.  With developing a new image comes strategic planning.  Setting up the perfect sitemap to manage functionality is half the battle.  We customize everything from scratch to make sure you stand out from the norms and we do a pretty darn good job at it if I might add.

Final Result

Bringing the Brand Back

From start to finish we bring it, on.

We go through a series of examples with your brand.  Providing you with choices that will help not only narrow down the future face of your company, but it will send the right message to the right people.  Creating the look that will build trust to millions has always been the million dollar question, thankfully it won’t cost that much.

Make sure when starting the process, you are ready to experience the path to future growing.  Take it seriously, but never forget to have fun.  Doing what you love is supposed to be rewarding, not another sigh.  Bring what you have to the table and we will serve it how ever which way you like it.