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University @PBIA


A university that teaches youths through personal tutors, study groups and online teachers for those who need it.  We developed a 50 page website to help manifest the schools options for its students.  Creating a fully functional site along with a mobile friendly development, we were able to create their new website for 3 more campuses.  We helped create a website for PBIA two years ago, changing the front end image of the company along with SEO abilities to be found on google.

Simplifying the website with over 100 pages of content was no easy task, but we were able to communicate their message properly with their team to help bring a place for users to receive information easily with a modernized feel.  Making sure to keep our boundaries for target market as placing the right images, exporting files correctly along with organization, it all came together to help build an amazing project with an amazing team.  Do check out their schools offerings along with what we’ve worked on in the past.


Art Direction, Web Design