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January 25, 2023


A new company based out of Miami, Florida needed a strong identity and custom theme to work for their video needs.  We worked off an idea and knowing we wanted it to be different. 

  • Brand New Company
  • No Proper Direction
  • Poor communication strategy
  • No applications for mobile users


The concept was to build a strong brand behind a music video and short film production company, but the biggest challenge we had was that we didn't really have a direction on where they wanted us to go with the design and layout.  We found out we wanted the website and brand to stand out and make a statement to its growing audience.  Creating a connection with a snake design and something mobile friendly.

"We're obsessed with creating cool shit, and years of industry experience have taught us that the difference between good enough and amazing, is all in the details."
With over 15 years of professional video experience, working with Sony & Warner Bros, this team is headed on a path to the movie business. Specializing with all RED cameras for over a decade, manifesting original looks, working with the most talented DP's in America, creating Music Videos, Commercials & Films. Creating an experience for an audience who seeks attention to detail in storytelling.

Strategy Session.

First, we had to define the brand's identity, including brand values, voice, and visual identity (such as the logo, color palette, and typography). This will help establish the brand's unique identity and set them apart from competitors.

  1. Identifying their target audience, including their demographics, music preferences, and interests. This was able to help us tailor their website and branding to their preferences and ensure we were reaching the right people.

  2. Start a website structure and content that is easy to navigate and showcases their music video production services and portfolio. Highlighting their unique value proposition to what makes their music video company unique and highlighting this value proposition throughout their branding and website. 

  3. Create a portfolio of their best work to showcase all of their video production skills and build credibility with potential clients. This included high-quality clips and descriptions of your work, case studies, and client testimonials.

Glass Dagger Films Website & Branding

Plan of Action.

Identify what makes theur music video company unique and highlight this value proposition throughout their branding and website. This included artistic style, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering high-quality videos.  Developing a structure that will be easy to navigate and showcase all of their music video, commercial, and short film production services and portfolio. 


By taking a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to building their music video company's brand and website, we were able to create a strong and effective online presence that will help them reach and convert potential clients.  By displaying a look that will help visually connect to their viewers and clients, which then will populate a strong bond into gaining trust by large corporations to do larger projects.


We were able to develop a brand and website and deliver a strong outlet for them to reach a much higher clientele and viewership.  Since 2018 and the development of their website and brand, they've seen national and international outreach.

  • Strong Look & Feel
  • A Portfolio That Auto Plays
  • Focusing On The Best Projects
  • iOs & Android Friendly







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Awesome working with these guys. Eitan was a huge help on creating a brand for us, showcased exactly what we wanted to our audience.

Jon Vulpine

Director, Glass Dagger Films Co.

We hired 2 other designers for marketing materials here in Singapore and they weren't able to accomplish what Eitan has done for our team.

Tan Lou

Operations Manager, Clear Channel SG

Thank you so much for everything! So fun working together, can't wait to grow with you and your team.

Michaelle Dawn

Community Manager, I Rock Entertainment, Inc

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