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February 7, 2023

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Oditto Gallery was a new start up company based out of Palm Beach Island, Florida with nothing but a name. No website, no directions on what they wanted or how they wanted it to look.

  • Absence Online Ecommerce Store
  • Start From Scratch
  • No Content or Direction
  • Non Existent SEO


We had to create something from scratch hoping we delivered what the client wanted without wasting too much time on mock-ups.  The deadline for this project was 30 days and we delivered it 25 days.  Websites and brands had to take an idea of a gallery and bring it to life for their customers to find them on google without knowing who to search for, shop from their online store, & get event updates for local gatherings.

Oditto Gallery is the first fully hybrid gallery in the world to offer digital certificates (NFTs) with every piece of art purchased.
This fine modern art gallery is gifting the NFT of the physical art with every purchase. This value is unsurpassed, in the modern fine art world. This gallery represents top established and up and coming artists in the world. Oditto Gallery has unique art that attracts serious collectors. Oditto Gallery offers infinite possibilities with custom art designed specifically for each clients space, tastes, and location. Oditto Gallery has a robust collection of unique art and must haves for collectors.

Strategy Session.

Developing a strategy for launching an e-commerce website involved several key steps. 

  1. Business and market analysis involved analyzing the industry trends, target audience, and competition. The goal was to identify the unique selling points of the e-commerce website and develop a plan for standing out in the market.

  2. Website development and design was the technical part, then came the design aspects of the website such as the platform, content management system, user interface, and branding.

  3. Product and Inventory Management involved planning the products that will be sold on the e-commerce website, including the pricing strategy, product descriptions, and inventory management.

  4. Analytics and optimization were all about setting up analytics tools to track the performance of the e-commerce website and making data-driven decisions to optimize the user experience, sales conversion rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

  5.   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ongoing process that involves making regular updates and improvements to a website's content and technical structure. Over time, these efforts can lead to sustained improvements in search engine rankings and traffic, providing long-term benefits for the website.
Celeste Jones Interior Design Website Redesign

Plan of Action.

Creating a new website and doing SEO requires a well-planned strategy to ensure that the website is optimized for search engines and user experience.  We had to define the website's purpose and how we were going achieve them, such as increasing traffic, generating leads, or making sales. This was able to help guide the design and optimization of the site.

As always when starting out doing SEO, we had to research keywords and locate our target audience. Conducting keyword research to identify the terms and phrases that users are searching. Also, identify the target audience for their website, including their interests, needs, and behaviors.


Next, we had to develop a content plan that incorporates the identified keywords and target audience, and that is informative, engaging, and useful.  This was going to help with our on-page optimization with meta tags, headings, and optimized content that includes targeted keywords.  We also had to create off-page optimizations to help develop a link-building strategy to acquire high-quality, relevant backlinks to their website. 


We have been successful with our end results as to where we started from.  A now fully customized website that houses over a dozen artists from around the world selling one-of-one art pieces that also coincide with NFTs and the metaverse.  

  • Able To Reach The First Page On Google
  • Purchases Can Be Made Word Wide
  • Fully Planned E-Commerce Store
  • Mobile Friendly On All Devices







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Awesome working with these guys. Eitan was a huge help on creating a brand for us, showcased exactly what we wanted to our audience.

Jon Vulpine

Director, Glass Dagger Films Co.

We hired 2 other designers for marketing materials here in Singapore and they weren't able to accomplish what Eitan has done for our team.

Tan Lou

Operations Manager, Clear Channel SG

Thank you so much for everything! So fun working together, can't wait to grow with you and your team.

Michaelle Dawn

Community Manager, I Rock Entertainment, Inc

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